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My Study Park is a learning application or rather a learning app for maths learning. It is meant for Kerala syllabus and CBSE syllabus students. It helps the children to learn math online and gives a classroom experience to the kids. It is more like an online home tuition for maths, but with a difference- this requires a fee much lesser than what you need for a mathematics home tuition.  Almost all the textbook problems are solved in video format, which is unique when compared with other learning apps. Usually, online learning of maths may require uninterrupted data, whereas my study park math learning app works in offline mode, after the chapters are downloaded.   My Study Park learning app is helpful for both English and Malayalam medium students.   A few questions from previous question papers in Kerala syllabus and CBSE are also solved. We have covered all the chapters from class 6th to class 10th (SSLC) in kerala syllabus and CBSE 9th and CBSE 10th.   Let us have a very happy mathematics learning!!!!